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10 Most Sought After Skills by heatherpittman
July 14, 2010, 10:07 am
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Have you ever wondered what unique set of skills and values empress an employer?  Every employer looks for a specific skill set that  is necessary to perform a particular job. In addition to  job-specific technical skills, there are many transferable skills sought by most employers.

  1. Communication — write and speak clearly, listen, make effective presentations, and interpret accurately
  2. Critical Thinking and Research Skills — assess a situation, gather multiple perspectives, evaluate your options, anticipate consequences and draw conclusions
  3. Leadership — build relationships, inspire and motivate others and envision possibilities
  4. Creativity — generate new ideas or alternatives, think in new ways adapt existing information
  5. Time Management and Dependability — be on time for work, use time effectively by prioritizing work, and set and meet deadlines
  6. Flexibility and Adaptability — be open to and adapt to change, manage multiple demands, work independently, accept failure
  7. Teamwork — identify individual goals and use them for the betterment of the group, cooperate, negotiate
  8. Integrity — accept responsibility, behave consistently, hold a strong work ethic
  9. Professionalism — have a good attitude, dress appropriately, be accountable, take responsibility
  10. Technical — understanding of computer hardware and software

The good news is, job-seekers can improve upon these skills with training, professional development, and mentoring.   Seek to improve these skills during internships, volunteer experiences, campus involvement activities, and in the classroom.  Be sure to communicate these skills to employers both on your résumé and during interviews!

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