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Ring back tones: Sign of Individuality or Unprofessionalism? by bbuxton

I know they seem cool and you LOVE that song, but in the professional world, ring back tones are a no-no.  My blog today is inspired by a recent experience.  I received an outreach request for a student organization and wanted to double check some of the information.  The president included his phone number like we request, so I opted to call.  The phone connected and the next thing I know I am being serenaded by the latest rock band.  I’m not sure who the band was, but I can tell you I did not “enjoy the music while my party was reached.”

Luckily for this young man, it was just me calling, but it could just as easily have been a potential employer (I believe he was a senior).  There are plenty of reactions an employer might have to listening to your ring back tone while they wait for you to answer, but seldom are they positive.  Ring back tones can easily be construed as rude, immature and unprofessional.
Although you may not have a ring back tone for your phone, they are just an example of the type things you should consider before beginning your job or internship search.

– Brittany Buxton, former Career Services Assistant Director