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CareerCATS: Opening the door to your future. by Christy R

CareerCATS: Opening the door to your future.

CareerCATS is an Ohio University student marketing organization that promotes services offered by the Office of Career Services. Members of the club volunteer during the Career Fair and support the Office in many other projects.  CareerCATS organizes at least one big event each quarter with the intention of making it as relevant as possible to the majority of students on campus, regardless of their individual major and career goals. During fall quarter the club organized a Résumé Blitz to help students to polish their résumés before the Career Fair.  In winter quarter they organized a “Credit Wise” workshop aimed at educating students about student loans, credit cards and credit history. Currently, the club is planning an etiquette dinner for the spring quarter.

CareerCATS offers an opportunity to gain valuable experience in a variety of areas. This group is the ideal place to develop skills in writing, presenting, graphic design, event planning, problem solving, organization and leadership. The club has something for every major and values each member. Fine art students can expand their professional portfolios by working on promotional material for the various events organized by CareerCATS and the Office. Communications students can develop their public speaking and writing skills by giving presentations about CareerCATS and the Career Services Office to different organizations across campus, as well writing for the group’s monthly newspaper.

For University College students, CareerCATS can help students decide on the major they want to pursue by discovering opportunities they may not have known about before. Lastly, being involved in the group is a great résumé builder!

To learn more about CareerCATS including information on how to join, please check out Career Services’ website.

—Written by Anna Morlang, CareerCATS Coordinator for the Office of Career Services

CareerCats: Gaining Professional Experience while Promoting Career Services by Alyse K

I stumbled upon CareerCats after Sarah Meadows, the Graduate Assistant-Outreach to Student Groups at Career Services, came to one of my public relations meetings. She mentioned the group, CareerCats, and how it can be applicable to PR students. I was interested because I wanted to learn about other fields than PR. After I joined, I have realized that it has helped me develop a wider view of similar and complimentary opportunities even past my major.

What exactly is CareerCats? It’s a student organization that markets and promotes Career Services’ events, programs and services through team collaboration. Every major is accepted, and with the mix of opportunities that students can volunteer to do, it gives students the chance to create real-world experiences they have not learned in their textbooks or through class lectures.

Each quarter there is a new chance for planning, promoting and organizing events. For Fall Quarter, CareerCats mostly concentrated on the Resume Blitz, Winter Quarter Extreme Makeover: Career Edition and Spring Quarter Bulletin Board in a Bag.  Every project in CareerCats is a team effort and relies on the student’s ideas, support and enthusiasm to move it forward. For Resume Blitz, Extreme Makeover, and Bulletin Board in a Bag, the team started from scratch and is accredited with each assignments success.

On top of the professional work we do, mix in some workshops, Career Fairs, a few socials, and you’ve got a recipe for a CareerCats experience. I have found some great friendships, mentors and real-world opportunities since I have joined CareerCats, and I am glad to be part of this team.

If you’re interested in becoming a CareerCat, here’s what you need:

  • To be energetic, creative, fun, and a team player

  • Wanting to develop highly marketable skills: leadership, marketing & research, public relations, creative design, and program planning

  • Looking to obtain valuable experience to build your resume

  • An CareerCats application.

  • Print out the application and drop it off at the Career Services’ office located at Baker University Center Room 533

For more information, visit the CareerCats Application Facebook event. Applications are currently being accepted. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Sarah Meadows at 740-593-2909 or sm224104@ohio.edu

— Nicole Bersani – a member of CareerCats