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Interested in working for the government? Check out these resources!

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Interested in working for the government? Check out these resources!

Career Services has two upcoming workshops related to federal employment:

Federal Internships – Find and Apply for Summer 2011
Wednesday October 20th at 5:00 in Baker 503
This workshop, a product of the Partnership’s Making the Difference Campaign, is for students interested in finding and applying for internships for Summer 2011. During this session, we will highlight a number of exciting internships across government, and show you how to research, find and apply for an internship that’s right for you.

Federal Jobs – Find and Apply for Full-Time Work in 2011
Tuesday October 26th at 5:00 in Baker 503
This workshop, a product of the Partnership’s Making the Difference campaign, is for students interested in finding and applying for full-time jobs with the federal government. During this session, we will highlight a number of exciting full-time jobs across government, and show you how to research, find and apply for a job that’s right for you.

There are several other helpful resources for students who are interested in public service:

Making the Difference
Learn about various federal jobs and internships and the benefits of careers in public service

Where The Jobs Are: Mission Critical Opportunities for America
This report outlines federal hiring needs

USA Jobs
Job search resource for federal positions

—Kristine Hoke, Assistant Director

Résumés and Social Media
July 8, 2010, 11:53 am
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It seems that just about everyone these days have multiple social media accounts that are used in various ways from blogging about professional and educational endeavors to sharing photos with friends and relatives.  So where does social media come into the job search?  Should you include social media networking information on your résumé?  Consider the following:

LinkedIn: It may be a good idea to reference your LinkedIn address at the top of your résumé so that employers may connect with you, gain further information and learn about your extended connections.  This is a professional site and can prove your skills networking with others in a business perspective, if you participate in discussions and post information.

Twitter: You may reference Twitter but be wary about simply listing your Twitter address.  Rather, reference the type of information that you post about.  The same holds true for blogs.  Providing a link so that employers can read your blog may be helpful.

Facebook:  If you use Facebook to stay connected to friends and relatives, do not include this on your résumé.  A résumé is not the place for friendly interactions.

Stick to including only professional social media on your résumé.  This can show employers how you tie social media into your professional life.  Choose to include only the media where you are most active and provide information on your résumé that lets employers know you understand them and how to utilize them to disseminate information.

— Heather Pittman, Assistant Director

Personal Fit and the Job Search
June 16, 2010, 9:27 am
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Even in today’s tough economy personal fit in a work environment is one of the most important factors that you should be taking into account when deciding whether or not to accept a position. If you do not fit well with that organization then you will not enjoy your work and be less productive. If you do fit well in that environment then you will enjoy greater job satisfaction and be more productive as a result.  Enjoying your job is also important because you will be more likely to stay in that position longer, increase your chances of promotion, and find value in what you are doing.

There are many factors that play into figuring out if a position is a fit for you or not but identifying how well you will fit is dependent on how well you know yourself. You need to be aware of your personal values and how those values affect your decisions. If you know your values you can compare those to the espoused values of the organizations that you want to work for.  Can you work for an organization whose values are different than your own? Do the other people in the organization value the same things as you? Would your actions and interpersonal behaviors fit in with your future co-workers or would you be the odd person out? Those are all questions you need to ask yourself about the work environment before you accept the position.

Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, joys, and needs are also important in determining fit. If you know what your strengths are then you can make sure that the position you are working in plays to those strengths and that you will have opportunities to use those strengths. Knowing your weaknesses is important because you can tell your employer what areas you are seeking to improve upon and also in what areas you will not be as effective in as others. Joys and needs are also important because meeting those increases your happiness in the work place and makes you a more productive member of the organization. For example, if you are someone who prefers to be surrounded by people and your office space is removed from everyone else then your social needs are not going to be met. Be sure you communicate your needs and joys upfront so that you can make sure they will be met when you eventually start your position.

Tommy Raimondi, Spring Practicum Student

LinkedIn: Promoting yourself in a positive and professional way

Hopefully your head is not spinning after all this talk about creating a positive professional image and eliminating incriminating information on Facebook. The best way to have a positive online presence is to create a professional profile and build your professional network through LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great for promoting all of the wonderful things you have accomplished as a student at Ohio University as well as connect with folks in your field of interest.  Several guides have been created to assist you in building your LinkedIn profile and how to maximize online networking opportunities.

Marketing yourself and building your professional network are essential components of the job search, even more so during this difficult economy.  LinkedIn is one more way to put you ahead of the competition.