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10 Ways to Be a Total Star at Work by erinnunn
July 21, 2010, 9:00 am
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This past spring, Career Services offered the program, “How to Lose Your Job in 10 Days,” as a part of Senior Week. While perusing through my July Glamour magazine, I thought the following was a great list of advice from the opposite spectrum. With a twist of glam.

  1. Start any pitch with “This is a great idea because…” not “This might be dumb, but…”
  2. Mistakes? Nah. Call them learning opportunities.
  3. Tears happen. Take ‘em to the restroom.
  4. Your friends love you! Realize that not everyone at work needs to.
  5. Always dress well enough for a surprise meeting with the boss.
  6. Do not babysit for, do shots with or touch the naked flesh of anyone you report to.
  7. Go on vacation. Nobody likes a bitter, exhausted workaholic.
  8. Unless you are a large-animal vet or a beer distributor, kindly untag that photo of you playing beer pong with a python.
  9. Be as kind to the janitor as you are to the CEO.
  10. Over prepare for nerve-racking situations. Then, if you forget half of what you know, you still know a lot!

Glamour, July 2010


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