Ohio University Office of Career Services

Personal Marketing Plan for Obtaining a Professional Position by Alyse K

During my senior year of college, I took a marketing capstone course, in which we were encouraged to develop a personal marketing plan. At first, I approached the assignment with some hesitation. Much to my surprise, the assignment actually helped me as I went through grad school interviews!Below are a series of questions you can answer to help you obtain a professional position, gain admission into graduate school or advance your career. I would encourage you to take the time to think through and write out your answers. You just may be surprised at how much it will help you…

  1. Who is the product? Identify a brief personal history (to answer the question: “Tell me about yourself”).
  2. What are my objectives?
    • Why have I chosen this particular position? This company? This role? This location?
    • OR What type of degree do I want to seek at what type of school, where?
    • OR What type of work do I want to do for what type of company, where?
  3. What do I want to be doing a year from now? Three years? Ten years?
  4. What are my strengths and weaknesses? What personal features and/or characteristics am I most proud of? What do I know I need to work on? Name 2 or 3 and describe a situation where each affected my success.
  5. What benefits will a potential employer derive from hiring me? If an employer asked, “Why should I hire you?” How would I answer?

    • OR What benefits will a potential school/program derive from admitting me (having me as an alumnus)? If an admissions committee asked, “Why should we admit you?” How would I answer?
    • OR What benefits will my employer derive from hiring me? How do I add value to the organization?
  6. Describe my market. Identify two specific potential employers/schools.

    • OR What are the key characteristics of my employer?
  7. What is the distinctive competency of each / my employer?
  8. What is the mission of each / my employer?
  9. What characteristics do they look for in an entry level employee?

    • OR How is their position in the industry likely to affect my work in the next year?
  10. Who are my competitors? What are their general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses relative to mine?

    • OR Who are my competitors and colleagues within the firm? What type of corporate culture is there, and how am I expected to interact with co-workers?
  11. Define my specific strategies.
  12. In what specific way will I differentiate myself from other applicants/co-workers?
  13. Identify two specific attributes I have that will position me in the minds of potential employers / admissions officials / co-workers, supervisors and others (customers).
  14. What do I need to support this strategy? What specific actions do I need to take to achieve my goals?

– Jenn Grimm, Winter Quarter Practicum Student for Career Services


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