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5 Ways Volunteering Can Help You Land a Job by Alyse K

  • Gaining New Skills: Volunteering is a great way to acquire experience that your past jobs or internships did not provide.  Examples could be: Organizing a fundraiser to gain project management skills or coordinating a project for leadership and management skills.
  • Make Networking Contacts: You never know who you might meet while volunteering.  In fact, almost 43% of volunteers have at least a bachelor’s degree—so there is a good chance you will meet a professional while volunteering.  If you volunteer at places related to your target career, you may meet people who are working in jobs similar to the one you want.
  • Emphasize your ambition: Volunteering shows you have a sense of civic responsibility and that you have a charitable side.  Employers are looking for future employees that have passion and involvement with the community.
  • Add New Experience: Be sure to include your responsibilities on your résumé.  Mention duties, accomplishments, results, and awards just as you would for employment.  Be sure to include the organization name and dates.
  • Gain Self-worth and Confidence- Volunteering can help you impact the lives of others.  There are opportunities to tutor, plan events, coordinate programs, etc.  Volunteering will give you the feeling that you have made your community a little better.

Information retrieved from 5 Ways Volunteering Can Help You Get a Job on Yahoo HotJobs, By Amy Neumann

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This is a great list. Wouldn’t it be amazing if employers expected your civic transcript on your resume the same way they expected you to outline your educational background?

Comment by Jessica Kirkwood

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