Ohio University Office of Career Services

Dress up: Looking professional at the Career Fair by Alyse K

What not to wear

Tie-dye, corporate America, and a resume.
You are probably trying to ponder what on earth these three words are doing in a sentence together. Imagine my surprise as I’m working the Career Fair and I saw a young man walk in wearing a tie-dye shirt, cargo shorts, dirty tennis shoes and a book bag. As the recruiter for a company, what would be your first impression of this student?
While he may have been required to attend for a class, this is by no means the only example I’ve seen of students coming in dressed unprofessionally, looking unprepared.
Professional dress is a key component the day of the Career Fair.
You want to project the image that is appropriate for the desired position. As mentioned in Career Services “Business Etiquette and Professional Dress” packet, how neatly you dress = how neatly you work. Make a good impression. To quote Harriet Ward Beecher, “Clothes and manners do not make the man, but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance”.
Get up a little bit earlier. Put in a little extra effort. Make it worth your time and theirs.

– Niki Bair, PACE Special Events Coordinator for the Career Services


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