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New Résumé Rules by Alyse K
January 27, 2010, 12:00 am
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If you’re an internship/job hunting student, like me, I’m sure you’re also working on creating or updating your résumé. I recently stumbled upon this article on Yahoo! Hot Jobs called “The New Résumé Rules: What’s In and Out.”
The article gives seven hints for reevaluating your résumé. Even if you haven’t created yours, these tips may be helpful for you to know what employers are now looking for in résumés.
Some of the tips mentioned are:

1. In: Including your LinkedIn or other social network address in your résumé’s header.  Make sure your profile is professional and that you use a custom URL, which is available on LinkedIn and Facebook.
Out: Not being up-to-date on social networking.

2. In: Including links to websites for all companies listed, and, if possible, a brief description of each company. Employers want to know what the companies do and what your position there required.
Out: Assuming employers know your previous employer or that they don’t need to know about those companies.

3. In: Customized résumés. Gear every résumé for the job you’re seeking.
Out: The same résumé for every job. “Cookie-cutter” résumés are outdated now that you can easily change your résumé on a home computer.

4. In: Simple, easy-to-read résumés.  Most employers don’t have time to read through an entire résumé, so they want the important points to stand out. Those that are organized with bullets instead or paragraphs are most favorable. Allowing for adequate white space also makes it appear clean and visually interesting.
Out: Résumés with huge chunks of unbroken text that required slowing down and reading. Most employers won’t take the time to read it.

To view the whole list and find similar resources, visit the article here.


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